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Where do you want to be in March 2008 ?

It was last April when the news appeared that we’ll be able to view 360% of Singapore as well as neighboring Indonesia and Malaysia on the world’s tallest observation wheel – the Singapore Flyer.

Singapore Flyer

Instead of the stated date of public opening on 1st March, 700 lucky people got the first spin yesterday up the 165meters ferris wheel which is 30meters higher than the London Eye. They were guests of the 17 companies who coughed out $8,888 for each of the 28 capsules booked.

Until 1st March, the flyer is opened only for private functions. Judging by the sold-out response for the next few days, even at the normal S$29.50 (adult fare) for the 30 minutes ride, it will definitely be a mad rush for the 20% seats allocated to walk-in.

To prevent your blood pressure from shooting up, book online at their website www.singaporeflyer.com.sg.

Come to think of it, will patrons breathe in fresh air, or circulated air-con?

Singapore Flyer

Can’t wait for March 2008.

Breath Fresh Air, Healthy Viewing of the Garden City and the region.

The Singapore Flyer is a giant observation wheel set to be Asia’s most visible iconic visitor attraction which visitors can experience some of the best views in the entire region.

It will take me up in one of the 28 capsules which measure 4 metres by 7 metres, 165 metres (the height of a 42-storey building) from the ground at the Marina Bay area providing breathtaking, for a 37 minutes panoramic views of Singapore and beyond.

Each capsule is fully air-conditioned and UV protected with capacity for up to 30 people each.

The giant wheel is 150 meters in diameter , features brilliant engineering breakthroughs that is a world apart from the traditional ferris wheel.

Visit www.singaporeflyer.com.sg for details information.