BioLife Marketing (S) Pte Ltd is a Singapore-grown SME that focused on providing well formulated health products that aim at enhancing the total well-being of today’s modern but vulnerable community.

By harnessing the goodness from nature which provides the secrets in balancing the biological system of the individuals, BioLife’s vision of “Healthy Indulgence” set the goals for our current and future products to support the consumers in staying in the pink of health while continuing to enjoy their respective diet.

Good Image Tea, a popular label of innovative detox/wellness beverage has been on the Malaysian market since 2001 and debut in Singapore in 2003. It is manufactured by BioLife’s associated GMP-certified herbal manufacturing plant in Melaka, Malaysia and which has more than 10 years of manufacturing herbal products on behalf of other regional labels.

In March 2007, BioLife launched 3 new types of teas under the Good Image brand – Good Image Cat Whiskers Tea, Good Image Roselle Tea as well as Good Image Ginger Tea.

Good Image 100% Pure Wild Honey was introduced in April 2007.

BioLife’s factory also manufactures Good Image beauty/detox capsules, Golden Princess feminine beauty capsules, Comfort anti-flatulence medicated oil, Fire Phoenix anti-sprain medicated oil & masculine anti-fatigue beverages, etc

12 Responses to “About BioLife”

  1. Harro! Says:

    Are you based in Singapore?

  2. BioLife Says:

    Singapore & Malaysia
    This is the blog of Good Image Tea,

  3. eva ditler Says:

    I am trying to obtain the dragon fruit salad (pie? pizza?) recipe and a hi-res (300 dpi, 5×7) photo for use in an upcoming San Diego Home Garden Lifestyles magazine issue for which I am on deadline now.
    Can you let me know if this is possible and how I can obtain them? Thank you.
    Eva Ditler
    Managing Editor
    San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles

  4. Khanh Says:

    Dear Bio Life,

    I really want to know more information about the “ultra-fat baby” in Jilin, China that you have posted last December. Do you have his house’s address or any news about his health conditions now? Please reply here anything you have about him. Thanks a lot!

  5. BioLife Says:

    Hi Khanh,
    I am sorry to say that there was no news of him since then.
    We believed his local authority and medical doctors are ensuring that his unnatural growth be treated so that he can grow like any other kid.
    Once we have any update, we will update here accordingly.

  6. Khanh Says:

    Thanks so much for your reply. I hope this kid will be fine and grow normally like others. I just want to ask one more thing that have you known where he live? I mean which area in Jilin province? In this entry, you wrote that “in the city of Jiangcheng in northeastern China province of Jilin”. Is it Jiang cheng city?

  7. Niki Says:

    Dear Biolife,

    I can’t find your product in any pharmacy in singapore. Where can I get the Green Tea health tea ?

  8. Danny Gatski Says:

    Your RSS feed doesn’t work in my browser (google chrome) how can I fix it?

  9. Isa Test Says:

    Is there a store nearby that would also sell the product so I didnt have to have it shupped?

  10. goh t t Says:

    hi,i need to purchase cat whiskers tea in singapore,can i hav the address pls.thks

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