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It’s all about timing!

After starting this new challenge one month ago, things are like puzzle pieces coming in and fitting pretty well.

Riding on the success of the 5-years old Good Image Tea, our researcher in Malaysia had just formulated few new products. These were the result of our regular customers’ feedback but in the past, the focus was to do contract manufacturing only as there was also no other sales and marketing resource.

Next, for the past 15 years, exhibition organizer, Eastern Directories in Singapore “rocks” the whole of Singapore during the March and September school holidays. They had also sent ripples across the neighbouring countries and attracted tourists alike. – the IT Show and Comex Show.

For the past few years, they have created another huge carnival, the Food & Beverage Fair, just one week after their IT event. I was there on their first fair and the “hungry” human army walloping the thousands of different food & beverages reminded me of the massive human movement all across China every Chinese New Year, May Day and their National Day.

Looking at the organizer’s website showing last year pictures, the traffic had risen to over 628,000 visitors during the 5 days event.
F&B Fair 2006 1

Sure, I would want to participate to test out the event’s effectiveness for Good Image Tea as well as use the event to showcase the new Good Image Tea to the 700,000 expected visitors. The good booths were snapped out right after last event as most of them were the large and regular vendors.

BioLife Marketing got a 4 x 3 meters booth and we shall be there next week for 5 solid days, 11am-10pm from 14th -18th March at the Suntec City Exhibition Center.

Stay tuned !

Meanwhile, go visit Singapore’s Largest IT, Digital and Consumer Electronic Exhibition from this coming Thursday to Sunday, 12.00-09.00 pm. This week IT Show 2007 (8th -11th) is 300,000 sq ft or 5 football fields (11% bigger than last year) and is expected to draw some 700,000 visitors with a top lucky draw prize of S$20,000 for every S$100 spent from the choice of over 780 manufacturers and suppliers.

Mr. Ang Ah SinBioLife Marketing, the sole distributor of the Good Image Tea today announced that Mr. Ang Ah Sin, a local I.T. professional of more than 20 years has joined the SME as one of its partners as well as its General Manager.

The call into entrepreneurship was never so strong until recently. With the invitation by 2 good and trusted friends reinforced with the support from my family and other friends, I decided to take the plunge into this different but exciting industry,” said Ang.

Ang’s experience spanned across from technical support to sales and marketing; and spent more than 5 years with a key system integrator in the ’80s, more than 10 years with major distributors such as Tech Pacific in the ’90s and until recently with major manufacturers such as Trend Micro Inc. He was highly sought by the media for his views on Infocomm Security.

Ang holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Business and Management Studies (Marketing).

As its General Manager, Ang will be handling the day to day business, develop and execute strategic growth plans. This will include increasing the product range under the Good Image Tea brand, create new product lines and recruit related agencies; developing the channel in Singapore as well as internationally.

Any new venture will face plenty of uncertainties and challenges. I am confident because the consumers around the world are getting more and more health conscious; tea consumption in the world was reported to rank second only to water consumption; and one of the greatest competitive advantages of BioLife Marketing is that we have an associated GMP-certified manufacturing plant in Malaysia. It has been manufacturing health products for other brands in the region for more than 10 years now and is also manufacturing for our own brand, Good Image Tea™,” said Ang.

Good Image Tea™ was uniquely formulated by Dr. Aoyama Kanahiro from the University of Tokyo and Professor of ShengYang Medicine University of China. The detoxification green tea which also eliminates excessive fats in the body was launched in Malaysia five years ago and three years ago in Singapore. Our success indicated that we are on the right track in this industry and Ang will bring to the group a whole new perspective and drive the growth,” said Mr. Lai Liew Min, Managing Director of Comfort Herbal Manufacturing Sdn Bdn

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About BioLife Marketing
BioLife Marketing (S) Pte Ltd is a Singapore-grown SME that focused on providing well formulated health products that aims at enhancing the total well-being of today’s hyper-active community. By harnessing the goodness from nature which provides the secrets in balancing the biological system of the individuals, BioLife’s vision of “Healthy Indulgence” set the goals for our current and future products to support the consumers in staying in the pink of health while continuing to enjoy their respective diet.

Good Image Tea™, a popular label of innovative green tea was launched in Malaysia in 2001 and debuted in Singapore in 2003. It is manufactured by BioLife’s associated GMP-certified factory in Malaysia which has more than 10 years of manufacturing herbal and health-related products for other organisations in the region.

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