Good Image TeaWhen my good friend Andrew Peters ( told me how easy it is to make my Good Image Tea orderable online via BuyButtonz, I was skeptical.

The CEO of Chainfusion (, Wong Wei Tuck, the creator of the BuyButtonz online payment system is also my “kaki” (good friend, mate). He told me about this last September and offered me the trial.

I had linked Andrew up with Wei Tuck to help him to do a launch and PR since this “Singapore’s most affordable, most flexible and fastest payment platform for those wanting to conduct ANY online e-commerce transactions over the Internet” is still unknown.

I was glad that now “As part of its launch activities The Pacific West Communications will be putting together a FREE fair and flea market showcasing ecommerce and blog-commerce stores in a popular shopping area in Singapore in early April.” Read .

With this progress, I believed that the system must be well tested and stable. So, I I jumped into action and visited since I had wanted our Good Image Tea (contains natural traditional herbs which accelerate toxin removal, enhance complexion and eliminate excessive fats) which had been selling in Malaysia for the past 5 years and for 3 years in Singapore, to be known and selling worldwide.

Although my company website is still in the revamping stage after I took over the running of the company, adding the BuyButtonz was quite a brief (not that I was a IT techkie before). Following the instructions, I got it up in under 1 hour which included distractions from watching Korean drama (I was in the living room with my family infront of the TV), reading my email, chatting on MSN Live, etc.

Wow, anyone can order our Good Image Tea at

3 more new products will be launched soon.